The Passion of a Mom

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Recently a mom in Argentina gave birth for the fifth time. The mother, Analia Bouter, was handed a death certificate instead of her daughter. The baby was whisked away to the morgue. After 12 hours, this grieving mother and her husband were finally given access to view their child. Once the nailed shut coffin was pried opened, the tiny infant inside trembled. She was alive!

The account of this almost undetectable trembling breath has been told and retold around the world. It is an amazing story of hope to those involved and those hearing of this drama.

It was a shocking, exhilarating hope for this mom. I’m pretty sure she didn’t go to the morgue to see if her daughter was alive. She probably wanted to have closure on her dreams for this child, to see the baby girl who had grown inside her. But her passion to see her daughter was the seed of life that had no hope for 12 hours.

Have you lost hope for dreams for a child? Hopefully, you haven’t been handed a piece of paper that declares the dreams for your child are dead. Whether those dreams are for education, success, happiness or a life devoted to Christ, don’t give up! Anything is possible.

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