Speaking Topics

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Topic 1: “Some Miracles Need a Mom”
This family was told their fourth child may never speak and most likely have to be institutionalized. Today he has a college degree and is married. Just as Mary pursued a miracle at the wedding in Cana, parents can pursue a miracle. Sandy will empower your audience to do so.
Appropriate for any audience. Especially appropriate for Mother’s Day Celebrations.

Topic 2: “Fatherless Daughters”
What happens when a girl never had protection or direction by her father? She remains a fatherless daughter, even as an adult. These women make life choices that cause heartache and hazards that can last for generations. Life can be different. Sandy will show them how.
Appropriate for Women’s Night Out, Women’s Brunch, or Women’s Seminars.
This can also be adapted for Father’s Day.

Topic 3: “Loving Alligators”
Sometimes there are difficult people in our lives we need to love; sometimes, we need to learn to love ourselves. Sandy will take your audience on a journey of discovery to determine it is finally time to fully love ourselves so we can fully love others. Appropriate for any audience. Extended version appropriate for a multi-session seminar or conference.

Topic 4: Open
Sandy has been a wife and mother for over three decades and has a wealth of wisdom to offer to your audience. Don’t see a specific topic listed here that meets your needs? Please contact her. Sandy is open to all marriage and family topics as well as women’s topics, church topics and Christian living topics. Let’s discover together what would work best for your next event!

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