Some Miracles Need a Mom

Raising future, successful adults in the 21st century? Some Miracles Need a Mom is a powerful story for any parent desperate to help their child find their way.

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Sandy is a contributing author to the following books:

Pursuit: Passionately Chasing Biblical Truth for Our Lives

Our culture is at a crossroads, looking for peace, acceptance, fulfillment, and truth in every direction. Yet, there is a steady and reliable compass to guide our lives. The Bible, God’s written and inspired word, is the ultimate life map and worthy of our PURSUIT. As you travel through this 52-week devotional journey, our prayer is that each scripture comes alive for you in a new way while inspiring you to a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Each author writes with vulnerability and grace, sharing real-life stories of God’s faithfulness as they seek a lifestyle of growing in his Word.

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Immersed: Soaking Daily in God’s Presence

There are moments in our lives when we experience great longing and seasons where we thirst for the living God. Like dry, cracked land, we yearn for the refilling rain of his overflowing grace and mercy. At other times, we experience the fullness of life as God’s love cascades over us, filling the cracks in our hearts and spilling over into the world around us. In those moments, we become fully immersed in the presence of God. On this 31-day devotional journey, you’ll discover the delight and depth of living a life immersed in Jesus. With warmth, vulnerability, and humor, women writers share real-life stories and wisdom drawn from their encounters with the Living God as they pursue a no-holds dive straight into the depths of his love. Order Your Copy

Habits of Success: What Top Entrepreneurs Routinely Do in Business and in Life

USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller!

As the world resumes from a year and a half of pandemic disruption, we find ourselves wondering what to do next. Should we go back to normal or move forward to better? How do we maximize our time and efforts to find our most successful selves? What habits will sustain that success the next time our world is shaken up? This anthology draws wisdom from over forty exceptional leaders and presents a diverse array of habits that you may choose to suit your concept of success.

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God is Greater: Celebrating God’s Goodness in Every Season

When we recognize God as the great “I AM,” we choose to believe that he is greater than our past, present, and future. He is greater than our greatest achievements and worst failures, faithful in both the darkest of circumstances and in moments we can’t help but celebrate. When we truly understand how God can take our difficulties and use them for good, his unwavering presence in our lives becomes our strength and reason to rejoice.

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Adamant Faith: Clinging to an Unshakable God in an Ever-Changing World

We are convinced about Jesus: His goodness, kindness, promises, mercy, and plan. In a world that is constantly shifting, we are more certain than ever of our need to stand firm on Truth—the very Rock that is Jesus. “Adamant Faith” is a stronghold and anchor. It believes him fiercely and won’t back down. On this 31-day devotional journey, you’ll discover “Adamant Faith” in action—and be inspired to share it with others!

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Tenacious Hope: Discovering Joy and Peace in God’s Perfect Plan

Rooted in Christ and established in his love, we are called to flourish, grounded in the power of his truth and the wonder of his mercy. Because Jesus is our source of life, we must tenaciously hope and hold on to this promise at all times. On this 31-day devotional journey, you’ll explore the promise, power, and potential of tenacious hope—and be inspired to share it with the world!

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Audacious Love: A 31-Day Adventure into the Heart of God’s Great Love

Audacious love is bold, daring, and recklessly brave. It’s fearless, dauntless, and unrestrained. It’s the kind of love that Jesus demonstrated, and it’s the kind of love he calls us to show others. On this 31-day devotional journey, you’ll discover the meaning, power, and purpose of God’s audacious love—and be inspired to share it with the world. With warmth, vulnerability, and humor, Lysa TerKeurst, Susie Larson, and other women living for Christ share real-life stories and wisdom drawn from their own encounters with the God of love.

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I Choose: Seeing God’s Purpose in the Choices that Define Our Lives

The fork in the road. Curtain 1 or curtain 2. A or B. Choices. Some pass us by without much thought while others stop us in our tracks. Each of us is faced with thousands of choices every day that, over time, define our thoughts, our behavior, and who we are to the world. Do we choose faith over fear, gratitude over grumbling, love over selfishness? We invite you along on a 31-day devotional journey as we seek to frame the ways our choices hold power and provide opportunities that influence ourselves, others, and the way we see God.

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Laundry Tales to Lighten Your Load

Women sometimes feel they are in this all by themselves. Through “Laundry Tales” they find others, just like themselves, who have struggled with loneliness, frustration….and a burning desire to find that missing sock! Laugh and cry with these moms (and a few dads) as they tell practical, hilarious, and sometimes touching stories of how they found a better way to cope with the daily tasks of life in the laundry room—and draw closer to the Lord at the same time. Includes dozens of laundry room tips to make your life easier

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The One Year Life Verse Devotional

Is there a verse from the Bible that has special significance to you? Maybe it’s one piece of Scripture God used to inspire, challenge, or rescue you at a turning point in your life. Maybe it’s a verse you learned as a child from a grandparent. Or one you recite each morning to begin your day. Discover God’s revelations to his people through Scripture, including your very own life verse.

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Chicken Soup for the Chocolate Lover’s Soul

If you can’t live without a daily bite of chocolate, have visions of chocolate truffles dancing in your head, you will savor the decadence of this collection of stories. Meet fellow fanatics who have gone the extra mile all in the name of chocolate, revel in stories of romance and friendship that have been sweetened by chocolate and read how the sweet smell of anything cocoa has impacted and enhanced the lives of so many.

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