“Sandy was a wonderful addition to our seminar. Drawing from personal experience in her own family, she was able to warmly speak with knowledge, compassion, and insight offering both hope and practical ideas for successful coping. Her message was both encouraging and challenging and was laced with strong Christian principles accented with gentle humor. She is a woman of great personal integrity and faith and a dream to work with. I’ve put her at the top of my list for future conference and seminar speakers”
–Judy Brunson, Event Coordinator

“Sandy is so easy to listen to, she has such a pleasant and clear voice, and her material is creative, well organized and POWERFUL! Her transparency and sincerity earn the listener’s trust, and her passion will motivate them to act. I can’t wait to hear her again!”
–Angie Peters, Author and Editor

“Sandy is a magnet for women seeking wisdom!”
–Lori Jacobs, Iowa Women’s Director

“Sandy is authentic, inspiring and heartwarming. Her ability to tell stories and provide specific, supporting examples that exemplify the concepts she is teaching is extraordinary. She’s lived it; now she’s helping others pursue the miracle.”
–Connie Wilder Willis, Executive Coach

“Wow! Sandy was wonderfully encouraging and gave lifelong hope for parents. She ended with a question and answer session that offered great tips and helped everyone understand with love and laughter we are our children’s best advocates and nothing is impossible!”
–Shannon Jacobyansky, Director, Autism Support Group

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