• Some Miracles Need a Mom

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    When our fourth son was two years old, we were told he’d probably never speak and most likely have to be institutionalized. Today he is a college graduate. How can this be?

    In the 2nd chapter of John, Mary approaches Jesus at the wedding in Cana. She tells him, “They have no more wine.” His answer? “Why do you involve me? My time has not yet come.” Jesus had no intention of performing a miracle at that wedding. Whether Mary gave her son a ‘mother’ look all children dread or she had unrecorded words with him, we don’t know. Jewish women are stereotypically notorious for emotional outbursts. Perhaps she had one at that moment. Something like, “You are in your 30’s now! Don’t you think it’s time for your ministry to begin? You come to the house, bring your 12 friends, expect me to cook and clean for them, and you can’t do this one thing for me?”

    Mothers. They are so emotionally tied to their children. Always pushing for the best.

    It can be to our children’s advantage. Mary ultimately changed Jesus’ mind. (Think on that for a moment!) Her son, the Son of God, fulfilled her request by turning water into wine. And it was the best.

    When our son was diagnosed with autism, the dreams we had for him flickered. We discovered during our parenting journey many skills, one of which was stronger faith. We worked in faith, endured with hope.

    We worked in faith we would be able to discover why, as a toddler, he screamed so easily at seemingly inconsequential circumstances. We did.

    We endured in hope he would eventually sleep through the night. He did.

    We worked in faith he would be able to learn in a regular classroom. He did.

    We endured in hope he would progress sufficiently to function in society. He surpassed all our hopeful expectations!

    Mary went to Jesus expecting a miracle, we as parents can do the same. Sometimes we need faith and endurance to live in our circumstances, but when our circumstances seem overwhelming, is it a miracle when we allow the Light to guide us out of those dark circumstances? Go to your Lord, expect a miracle. Push for the best. Work in faith, endure with hope.

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  1. connie peterson says:

    Sandy – This story can easily be mine as well. You framed it so beautifully using the MOM paradigm that we can all relate to : D Your son is a blessing and a miracle just as mine is. God has given Mom’s that extra anoiting to dovetail perfectly with his power. It’s so awesome! Thanks for the reminder and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. Brenda says:

    Exciting! It’s moms like you who help moms like me – still in the thick of battle – hope for the future. Thanks for sharing. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  3. knlabcr5 says:

    So, very proud of you, My Friend!

  4. Jean says:

    When can we look for a book by this title? Looking forward to reading your first published novel.