Who Labors With You?

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I gave birth five times. My husband and I started to get the hang of things after a while.

My first birth involved back labor, lack of sleep, August heat, and my own inexperience and youth. Not fun. The second labor was totally different. I didn’t want my husband hanging on me and rubbing my back with the ebb and flow of every contraction. He sat in the recliner with the remote while I labored in solitude in the hospital bed four feet away. I liked it that way…until I started to cry. My husband quickly got out of the chair, put his face within inches of mine and, with a huge grin, announced, “We’re in transition, honey!” He was all excited. It meant the labor was almost over. He shut the TV off and got his hospital scrubs on after nurses confirmed I was ready to start pushing.

I always cried during transition. All. Five. Times.

Transitions can be painful. If we have been living in a certain manner, perhaps a lifestyle we sort of “fell” into, and now want to change to a healthier lifestyle, do we expect it to be easy?

On the contrary, when going through changes we are leaving behind a life we were living and now moving toward a different life we seek to live. Hopefully, we have planned sufficiently for this new way of life. Optimistically, we have people who are walking this transition with us so we’re not doing life alone.

Talking over options with a wise friend, asking advice from those who have been in your position, relying on those who are willing to help—these are not signs of weakness. Strong women have strong support systems. Have you built yours?


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